Hi! I'm Amy.

My name is Amy Clinton, and I help midlife women reignite the connection, the intimacy, and the desire in their long-term relationships.

If your relationship has become stale, and you find yourself longing to go back to when life wasn't quite so hard, you are in the right place!

About me

Long before ever dreaming I would be a health and relationship coach, I grew up in the hospitality business, where my love of helping people became evident. Whether it was a co-worker, one of my employees, or a guest, someone was always seeking me out for help with whatever stress they were currently going through. Women specifically would often feel quite comfortable sharing very private, personal details with me, whether it was work, health, or relationship related.

Because it happened so often, I found myself drawn to the coaching industry. In 2013 I became a health coach certified through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, specializing in emotional eating and gut health. Throughout the years, I noticed so many of the health problems my clients were struggling with were a direct result of relationship issues. Once we began focusing on improving those relationships, correcting health deficits became much easier. As a result, relationship coaching became a much bigger part of the program.

I began learning everything I could about all the different techniques offered to improve marriages.  I studied the principles taught by leading marriage counselors and psychologists such as John Gottman, Gary Chapman, John Gray and Gary Smalley, and I quickly came to the realization that while it was mostly women who were trying like hell to improve their marriage (at least in my experience), the most popular, mainstream voices telling them how to feel, what to think, and how to react in their relationship were coming from men. 

So I compiled the ideas and philosophies they shared and began to infuse them with my own very personal feminine energy. I believe the health of a relationship is the direct reflection of how each of the partners feel about themselves as an individual. If you raise each individual’s confidence and improve the quality of love and acceptance for the other, the union continues to grow stronger and stronger.  And I noticed that once the females were inspired to take the first step and begin implementing these values, their partners typically took notice and started to follow, often without even realizing it.  

This was done using ‘The 4 Pillars to Reignite Your Relationship’ method I personally developed.  

Women were changing their perspective around the issues within their marriage.  They began feeling more confident in and out of the bedroom.  They felt true connection and were able to love their spouse for who they honestly were and not who they wanted them to be.  Both the intimacy and the trust within their relationship skyrocketed.  (An added bonus was that their health also naturally improved!)

I have been in love with this work ever since, and am so excited to look back and see how my coaching skills and my programs have grown over the past 10 years. It is my absolute pleasure to share how this transformational work has continued to strengthen my own marriage of 30 years as well as the relationships of the clients I have served. 

If you're here, I'm guessing you are frustrated with your current relationship. Check out my first self-study program, Magnetic Desirability. It will heighten the allure, the passion, and the connection back into your relationship. Or if you prefer a more hands on approach, private coaching is also available. Check out both the Courses and Coaching pages to learn more.

Amy resides in a small, rural town in Southwestern Pennsylvania with her husband, John, of 30 years and her dog, Bodhi.

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